Aston University is set to open up the world of smart manufacturing to the engineers of tomorrow.

Building on the research expertise of the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, it will offer a master’s degree in smart manufacturing.

The field is estimated to expand by over 12% between 2020-2025 due to the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and government involvement. Industrial automation in manufacturing is on the rise, as are software systems that reduce time and cost to market.

The master’s course will teach a wide range of practical skills in smart manufacturing to create innovative solutions to complex manufacturing problems through the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Program Director Dr. Muftooh Siddiqi, said: “This is a course for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of technological growth.


“Smart manufacturing is of great importance in the field of manufacturing and is a way forward.

“This program will embed the technology revolution deep in the mindset of engineers and teach the skills to design and develop new technologies that embrace the challenges of future manufacturing.”

The postgraduate course, which begins in September, will include teaching the digital twin technology – a virtual replica used to improve efficiency by simulating factory production processes. Students will learn how to use it to improve production scheduling, predict equipment failures, and improve maintenance.

One of its related research collaborations, Horizon Europe H2GLASS, is a Europe-wide multi-million project that aims to decarbonize the glass industry’s production processes.

More details on smart manufacturing are available here

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